Patricia Margaret: America's Grandma

Stay at home, Mom!



She's 3rd generation descendant of Irish Immigrants, Patrick and Margaret McMahon.

Mother of 15 children, foster mother to 9, grandmother to 28 and great grandma to 10 (and counting).

They told her it couldn't be done!


Grams was not supposed to have children because of her blood type. Not only did she have 15, but they all came out healthy.  

Then she received her BA in Communications after her family and friends said it was a waste of time.

She just doesn't quit


Since leaving the workforce, she's done some traveling:



  • Ireland
  • St. Kits
  • Italy
  • All across the States


If there was ever a candidate to mediate communications on all fronts, it'd be Grandma. 

Patricia Margaret 2/18/1933-9/28/2018


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